We elevate communities by fostering financial wellness through education.

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Who We Are

The Financial Wellness Project, Inc is a non-profit corporation formed to meet the purpose of a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our mission is simple: to elevate communities by fostering financial wellness through education. Our Authorized Educators (AEs) are professionals in their communities who are donating their time and resources to advance this mission.

What We Do

Our network of volunteer Authorized Educators (AEs) host strictly educational, free (and fun!) workshops and labs in libraries and community centers in your town. All of the workshop materials are created by us to be as engaging & informative as possible and unlike "free lunch" seminars there is never a product sales pitch. Additionally, all of our AEs are bound by our Code of Conduct as well as having met minimum experience and background standards.

Why We Do It

A recent study found that 56% of Americans lose sleep when they think about their retirement. In the same study, 42% of baby boomers said that they’re afraid of outliving their retirement savings. Only 18% of Americans say they are "Very Confident" that they have enough money for a comfortable retirement. We believe that raising awareness through education will lead to smarter financial decision making, improved confidence and ultimately happier and healthier communities.

Our current workshops

Maximizing Social Security and Minimizing Taxes in Retirement

Summary: This workshop, hosted by a licensed professional in your community, will help you navigate the Social Security retirement maze and outlines various filing strategies. Additionally, tax planning & management concepts are presented as they relate to various sources of retirement income.

Who will benefit from attendance: Adults 55+ who are near retirement or retired.

Approximate total workshop time: 1.5 hours

Essentials of Estate Planning

Summary: Hosted by a licensed professional in your community, this workshop will discuss the various types of estate planning tools designed to make the disposition of your assets as easy as possible for your heirs upon your death and how to provide for the maintenance of your assets during a period of incapacity. The use of wills, trusts and powers of attorney are discussed in detail as well as an overview of the probate process.

Who will benefit from attendance: Adults that are concerned about passing assets to the next generation or providing for the care of a minor or special needs child.

Approximate total workshop time: 1.5 hours



Are you a Licensed Attorney, Tax Professional or Financial Advisor?

Are you passionate about educating people in your community on finance related topics?

Do you have extensive experience in your field and a clean regulatory history?

If so, we invite you to join our Authorized Educator Program!

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